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Beyond the Bar

Organic chocolate is a big part of what we do — however you may not know that we joyfully bring it to you in many recipes, forms, shapes, and sizes. All suited and considered for its unique purpose, taste, and experience. Far beyond the bar.

Currently, Mast Market offers organic cocoa powder, chocolate chips (white, milk, and dark), baking discs (white, milk, dark, and unsweetened), chocolate bark, hot cocoa mix, and cacao nibs. Sprinkle our organic nibs over a fresh spring salad for a little crunch and unexpected nutty pop of antioxidants.

Cacao nibs sprinkled over a fresh salad.

If you read last week’s Journal, you’ll know that we’re big fans of origin stories. In that spirit, all of our cacao comes exclusively from our longtime partner Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, where the bounty of local farmers is carefully fermented into world class, certified organic beans for us to craft into Mast chocolate. (Keep a weather eye out for our conversation with Kokoa Kamili co-founder Simran Bindra in a forthcoming Journal.)

Whether destined for a bar, nostalgic chocolate chip, or a crunchy nib, the process begins the same: a delicate roast of the Tanzanian cacao to bring out delightful complexity and chocolatey goodness. For most of our chocolate products, our traditional methods continue with our signature stone milling. This is a slightly modernized version of the historic process of crushing cacao over stone by hand. After two days of slowly milling the chocolate at low temperatures, the smooth, refined chocolate is now ready to choose its path to one of our many final chocolate products.

Sebastian enjoys his favorite organic chocolate ice cream!

Even beyond what we've mentioned above you can stop by our markets in person and dive even deeper into the chocolate offerings with hot cocoa, mochas, brownies, cookies, biscotti, chocolate ice cream and, occasionally, hand rolled truffles.

Our baking discs (aka couverture) are ready for your next kitchen adventure (or snack).

We hope you enjoy learning about our farmer collaborators and processes as much as we enjoy embarking on them. Mast Journal is committed to sharing these stories, and we believe it’s just as important to emphasize the journey as it is the finished product.

A very Happy Easter and Passover to all who are celebrating this weekend. I have no doubt chocolate beyond the bar, in its many forms, will play a delicious role in your celebrations.

The Mast Journal

A hot cocoa made with our signature dark chocolate mix and served in Eric Bonnin ceramic mug.

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